I am a pretty skeptic person when it comes to many things, but for some reason I find myself drawn to new avenues lately that may not seem the most practical. By no means am I a religious person, but I can concede that there are things that I cannot explain or rationalize. Lately, I have made a dive into healing crystals because maybe there is something to them after all.

                So where did this all begin? About three months ago, I was wandering around a popular bookstore because that is what I like to do. Just for kicks, I went over to the spirituality section to see what interesting subjects that I could learn. Running my hands along the spines of the books, I landed on a beginner healing crystal book. Entranced, I riffled through the pages and taking in the beautiful images of sparkly crystals being used to take away anger, anxiety, and a various other ailments.

                In my younger days, I did dabble a bit with tarot despite my mother’s obvious objections. I do remember her telling me “do I have to worry about you?” over my fascination with tarot. I secretly kept the cards under my bed and pulled them out when I had the house to myself. Eventually, I gave them up because there is much to tarot that I never fully understood. This may be why now that I feel a draw towards crystals. Perhaps I want to reconnect to that side of me that was fascinated with tarot. Add to that my exposure to spell work from a familial source; my interest in the mystical has been piqued.

Photo by Alina Vilchenko on Pexels.com

                Crystals are born in the earth and are composed of a latticework of minerals. Minerals have their place in the human body. They allow normal bodily functions to work, and the lack of these minerals cause ailments and a general unease. Using that logic, one can argue that there may be something to working with crystals.  Being a scientific person, I figured why not. I like to learn and it is something that is unknown. This will be a general log of my experiences and share some of my knowledge. Of course, if I am wrong, I would be delighted to learn my missteps.


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