FutureLearn Limited

Recently, I was given the opportunity of becoming an affiliate with FutureLearn.com. Before I committed to this partnership, I wanted to give it a try and find out if it was something that I could get behind. I enrolled in their Digital Skills: Social Media course in order to give the company a fair review.

To give some background about this company, it is an online education site that has three different types of educational courses for individuals 13 and up. They offer short online courses, in-depth courses, and they also offer online degrees and certifications. Interestingly enough, the majority of courses are free. If you want a degree or certification there is a fee involved, which is decided by the partnered university offering that degree.

Their core value of education is that it should be enjoyable and social. Meaning that as you take your courses, you are able to interact with others also enrolled. I must say this was a unique feature and made the course more engaging.  They utilize a social media format of their classes, where you can leave comments to help better the class and interact with your fellow classmates. Videos are also used to help explain the topics at hand.

Signing up was easy, which helps to make the site seem less intimidating. You sign up like you do any social media platform by creating your own user profile. Once your profile is set-up, you can browse the vast catalogue of available courses and programs to take. As someone who has recently decided to take a chance writing and social media, I decided to try their Digital Skills: Social Media course because I thought it might be able to teach me some skills that I need to be successful.

The first thing that you see as you navigate the course is a description of what the course will be about and the core objectives of the course. At the end of each page is a chance to comment on what you just read and additional readings and media that may be of use to you. Next, you are introduced to your lecturer(s) for the class. They explain not only who they are, but also the accomplishments that they have achieved that make them in expert in their field. The instructor for this class has a laundry list of accomplishments, which make them a good person to educate people on this subject.

Each module of the class is broken up by weeks. Most of the classes on the site are between 6-10 weeks, although the timeframe can vary. The beauty is that you can work on the material at your pace, which means you can catch up if you fall behind or work a bit faster. It is all up to you.

As of this review, I have finished week one of my course. So far, the class moves nicely and the ability to communicate with my classmates has been nice. FutureLearn.com has obviously spent a great deal of time finding the right people to present the courses and developing programs that work for anyone. As I dig deeper into my program, I hope to give an update on how it is going and give my honest thoughts. If you would like to give it a shot yourself and provide me with your thoughts, click the link below or above this post. Thank you.

FutureLearn Limited

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